Fighters History: Dynasties is a freeware Mugen full game based on Sango Fighter 1 and 2, with the focus on the cast of Fighter's History: Dynamite and Fighter's History: Mizoguchi If you paid money for this I am sorry. Click the image above for the movelist.
To download the game CLICK HERE
This game uses primarily 4 buttons with the rare 5th as explained below. Here's a handy guide to help you adjust to it.
x = LP a =LK
y = HP b =HK
z =Roll shortcut c = Tag out
Fighters History: Dynasties features a couple of defensive mechanics to aid the pressure most of the cast tends to apply. Such as
Tactical roll lp lp lp This move is only vulnerable to throws so use to both your advantage and caution!
Double Jump lp lp Keep your opponent guessing or further at bay with this additional jump!
Tag Out C Bring your partner in safely or keep up the pressure! Beware, until your character flashes you cannot tag out again unless use a tag super!
Tag Super C If you have 2 or more levels of power you can unlease a powerful assault with both you and your teammate! However they probably need to be alive.

Training mode

To start training mode, start the game in Vs mode with the Red Icon exe. Go to vs mode, pick the people you want to use and during the intros hit spacebar.
A helpful video can be found here: