This classic villan returns in his full power(Shin) form. He has all his attacks from
cvs2 as well as Street Fighter Ex2+, he was known as Bison II in that game. one of his features is.

100% Shin mode(based of of Bison II from Street Fighter Ex2+) = see config.txt to activate it

Shin vega only uses 50% of his abilities unless you unlock the rest by setting var(58) to 1

once in that mode you get the following:
use of all lvl 3's regardless of what power you have
the higher attack strength
use of all versions of Psycho cannon
loss of the ability to parry
loss of the ability to counter
loss of the ability to dodge
loss of the ability to roll
allowed to use recovery warp

Warning in this form the AI is a tad bit cheap.

He is for 1.0 mugen only.