Nega Joe which is my fourth char was originally going to be my next 
CvS2 char, but i decided to make a edit instead. He is technically 
my first original work. His AI is challenging but not impossible. now I 
could go on all day about his attributes but i'll let you see for your self.

On a serious note, an omnipresent force known as the Nega Virus found Joe as
his host. Before Joe knew it, he had lost all control of his body and his mind 
was esentually locked up within it self. A year later he found him self infront 
of Sagat. After a somewhat one sided battle it appeared as if Sagat had beat Joe. 
However Joe played possum to draw Sagat closer, he then used Shun Goku Taifuu and 
obliterated him. Joe left Sagat to die Howver Sagat was not dead, for now he too 
was infected with the virus. Joe had no idea it could spread it self in that fashion. 
After another year had passed, Joe was challenged by Ryo. Who was attempting to free 
Joe of his affliction. The result was the same as last time and Ryo too would be infected. 
After some months the Virus was noticing how its host was slowly dieing from the lack of 
nutrition, for it never ate anything. It decided to find a new host instead of infecting 
another person. Unfortunetly this would never happen for Sagat returned in his infected state 
to defeat Joe. Sagat,unlike Ryo and Joe, had complete control over his body in that form and only 
used it for raw power, Joe was beaten to a pulp then promptly killed.