My first char of 2009. Ryo encountered Nega Joe a year after Sagat was 
defeated by him. He saw Joe walking away from a completly destroyed 
village. Seeing the chaos he caused, Ryo was enraged and attempted to
defeat Joe. It appeared as if he defeated him untill Joe used his nega
power to reginerate as well as become twice as powerful. The fight then
appeared to end in stalemate, but Joe then suprised ryo with his Shun Goku 
Taifuu. The battle was over. Ryo awoke several days later and noticed
his skin was pale and his eyes red. He also learned that he was losing 
control of his own body. With that in mind he chases after Joe for 
revenge and hope that it will stop this diety from taking his body 
completly. Upon finding Joe, he went blind with rage to destroy him. 
However, Boss Sagat instantly appeared as Joe teleported away. He
then fights Boss Sagat only to be defeated. Boss Sagat knocks him 
unconsious. He awoke two days later to discover the virus was spreading
far more out of control than he thought. With that in mind his quest
continued.A while later, he ran into Reject #253. Who challenged him
to see his power. Ryo attempted to make quick work of him by channeling
the virus. However, this was a ploy by Reject #253. He was only looking
for more power. After seeing this he performed his Kawariyaku Shun Goku 
Satsu. Where he both aquired the virus and killed Ryo.

He's been updated. as of 2017
 He is made for 1.0