Whats changed:
Crack Shoot now can be done in air
revamped combo system to mvc2-ish standards
no longer can roll back
bare knuckle now redone to Kaiser Press
Kaiser Pillar removed
Kaiser Pressure added
Death Danced Redone
hyper commands now done mvc2 style

Belmont is about 24 years old. he is one year older than his brother Ed even though they look like twins. He and ed entered the army of the Shadaloo when Bison mislead them on
what he was doing. He then began to train them under. When he found out how Ed was increasing in strength faster than him, he agreed to be enhanced with the Psycho Power which 
increased his power tenfold and gave him abilities that he belived made him several times stronger than his brother, however he lost all of his good nature in the process, his 
eyes turned to a shade of red and he also gained murderous intent. His Brother escaped when he learned that Bison was trying to conquer the world while Belmont decided he should
stay to strike Bison down once he did. However Akuma interupeted his plans when he killed Bison with his Shun-Goku-Satsu. With the shadaloo destroyed he left.
Edward tried to put up a good fight but was quickly defeated. Belmont told him don't follow him or he will kill him.

He left to find, Rugal because he mastered all arts.When finnaly met rugal and agreed to become one of his henchmen. Belmont wanted to learn all he can about rugal but unfortunetly
Ed returned and tried to fight him again. Belmont defeated Ed oncemore and told him that he was stronger than last time. Rugal pittied Edward and trained him before Akuma interrupted
again. Akuma was defeated and thus Rugal became God Rugal. Belmont saw his brother try to confront him. Belmont swiftly stoped G. Rugal from killing Ed(for reasons unknown) and faught
G. Rugal. They fought for hours until Belmont caught him with his own form of Rugal's God End. After defeating Rugal he looked for his brother to finnally kill him. He found Ed and they
fought. They were evenly matched until Ed caught Belmont with his Final Assault. Thus Belmont was defeated. Belmont swore his revenge and dissapeared. Belmont decided to train him self
and enhance his own ability.

Now Belmont fights his brother evertime they meet to test his strength and doesn't think of it as rivalry. He considers his self the Stronger brother and wants cloak the world
in darkness.

New Story: 

Belmont has also changed since his defeat from his brother. He decided he would rid his self of 
useless techniques and make stronger ones based on his prior knowledge and training. By doing so, 
Belmont has gained his own version of Rugal's "God Press" and "Gigantic Pressure". He has revamped 
his style to be more refined and strict. Though Belmont hasn't changed as much as his brother, 
he believes that what he has done will give him the edge he needs to finally silence Edward and 
continue his own evil agenda.

Now Belmont fights his brother everytime they meet to test his strength and doesn't think of it as 
rivalry. He considers himself the Stronger brother and wants to cloak the world in the very darkness 
that poisoned his soul.

His Playstyle is a mvc mix with arial rave.